Abby and co's crew

Abby, pinscher cross chihuahua

The face of our brand, Abby knows how to stand out despite her smallness. She is an accomplished gourmet who will never forget to let you know that it is time for her supper.

Other than eating, Abby's joys are hiding under the blankets or playing with all her plush toys at the same time.

In a playful mood, Abby is very sociable with everyone as long as she is left with her comfort bubble!

Maggie, beagle cross Jack Russell (probably a little gazelle too...)

Always in Abby's way, Maggie plays well her part of being the little sister. She is a curious and is always on the lookout for everything that is happening inside and outside the house. Her stubborn hunting dog side makes her an excellent tracker, if she wants to. Be careful, squirrels, you've been warned! Then, her active side gives her all the determination she needs to climb wherever she wants (Yes, even the counters!)

Maggie is very fearful, so she doesn't get along well with everyone. Only the lucky ones will fall into her selection!

Mia (six toe cat)

Mia is the oldest the bunch. At the age of 13, she is still in great shape and is happy to keep Stella away from her with her growls. She is always grumpy and prefers at a distance from humans. However, she also surprises us from time to time with her overflow of love during quiet moments.

Only those who are lucky enough will be able to observe her magnificent large green eyes when she nonchalantly strolls by.

Alli (bathroom and kitchen counter cat)

Alli is a really sweet cat full of surprises. She loves to steal pieces of cheese and prosciutto! She is definitely in the cat-dog category, with her boundless sociability and her responses (meowing) when we talk to her.

No one can resist this adorable and affectionate Pasha!

Stella, Shetland shepherd (scared by her own shadow but , in search of sheep to manage)

Stella is a Shetland shepherd with a lot of energy! Shy and uncertain with new people, she embodies a small dog of character and perseverance.

Her long mane full of colors becomes unpleasant during rainy days and a visit to the groomer is a must.

The limited choice of dog raincoats available on the Quebec market and their inadequate shape for Stella's body length made me realize that there was a huge shortage for these products on the market.

This is one of the reasons that led us here …!

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